2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Penny, hmm…


Everyone gets a “dressing-up” name…


Be afraid, be VERY afraid !


No where near worrying me.


fixt for plausibility :+1:


Dance like an Egyptian?


Has Jim seen these? :heart_eyes:


They are still very popular in Camborne.


Less so in Kings Lynn - chafes the webbing.


Were socks with sandles as uncool then as now?







Why the fuck do you need socks in Egypt? Damn place is positively aflame.


The desert is very, very hot in the day. But very, very cold at night.



Bedsocks then, maybe?


With Sandals? - Savages!



Sock no. 1 above would have been worn by an adult on his or her right foot. There is a separation between the big toe and four other toes. This sock is made of wool and has been radiocarbon dated to 100-350 CE. One interesting thing to note is that the impression of the sandal thong is still visible!


There is literally nothing less cool than an old person caring about what’s cool.

There are few advantages to aging - but one of them is not having to give a shit what anyone thinks any more.

Depends = happiness.



And in Gray. What more could an old cunt ask for?