2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Fussing is an art form




Mr MWS and Stronzetto will be tut-tutting at this in a dralon-walled dungeon, I do trow… :eggplant:


A lot more of this.


Haven’t seen that for years. Legend !

There used to be some awesome footage of him in a club.


Subs bench please.


I will be crashing at home if this frees up another place.




Right then all, it’s time to ink your place on the list

To keep things simple: if the fellas on the main list and those on the their floor mats could cough up first, then if anyone drops out I can easily refund and email the subs bench.

It will be £20 all in , there will be about £140ish if everyone comes and that will be spent on breakfast supplies and some staples like butter milk etc
They will nothing spent on mince pies or hot cross buns.

If you could PayPal friend to E-mail address removed - use PM

The deposit is paid and I’d like to pay the final invoice within the month…


Done :+1:




Removed :ok_hand:











I’ve removed your e-mail address - you really don’t want to be posting it on a forum. I suggest you create a PM thread…

Oh yeah, payment sent.


Good call I forgot about that,

If everyone else PM’s me!




Sid the chef has been hired