2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


What’s going on with speakers then?



Waiting for Adam to design some open baffles. :yum:


Planning to nail your 16as to a plank


The most votes were received by the L300s with analogue only crossover. Since I voted for the AGs, I’m going to have a bit of a strop, ignore it for a while then call for a second vote.


Do you think that’ll work? Perhaps we can get popular cult figures such as A. Campbell, D Milliband & T Blair to chip in.


You could always buy those Snell As.


I thought they already were nailed to something


You are ignoring the will of the people??? :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


They’re all cunts.


Fair point :grinning:


Hah - snowflake!


Is there a poll?

I would like to hear something with WE555 drivers please.


Nailed to a plank? :heart_eyes:


So it’s the L300s with their own analogue cross over. Obviously we need some weedy SET amps and a shaky TT and some bastard low output cart.


T-Amp anyone? :joy:


I can bring the M7 and/or Argento (18W PSE), but can’t remember what’s been offered up already.

@Stepmotheratomicbomb could you add kit to the OP once it’s been agreed?


The Argento might work well with the JBLs. I think that a middling valve amp is where we want to be - it’s a 15" bass driver after all, so a teeny SET is probably not it.


I, no probs


If there’s a deck, I can bring the btj9000s, and the silver slagle SUT, if needed.