2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Weather wise it was awful,fully anticipate that it will be shorts weather


ftfy :grinning:


Doesn’t your big 65 fall on the Lopwell weekend or was it last year?


No,every other year,should be 130 by the normal birthday method


You’re looking well considering.


I thought that was strange too.
Little shit was off doing a rain dance innit.


All quiet on the western front


Sea of blue :slightly_smiling_face:


So what’s the system shaping up to be then?

Speakers - Adam’s JBLs
Amplifier - ???
R2R - Guy’s Teac; my Sony and Pioneer
Turntable - ???
Phono stage - ???
Cart - ???
Foo - Matt’s Schumann field generator


I could bring a cartridge, but not much else.


I’ll fit it :yum:


Done deal :open_mouth:


Can bring cables rack etc


On the highly unlikely off chance someone wants to play an LP in between enjoying reel music, the if someone brings a TT I can bring my Vida phono.


I can bring the Motus again unless someone else wants to transport their precious down here.


Happy to bring the ANs7 SUT and cartridges?
Could bring the Air tight again if required?


Can we have some music that isn’t r2r plinky plonk? :scream::face_vomiting:




Know there will be flutes


I’ll be bringing a few of these;