2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Sadly not. We were talking about this a while ago. Back in Oz, I had two, Narelle had 1 and her Mum had several. None of which we brought with us :roll_eyes:


a few here



I guess not much use with a gas BBQ. :cowboy_hat_face:


Not so. We have used ours successfully over a wok burner and on gas and charcoal barbies.




Stop spoiling my trolling :weary:


Fucking Ninja edit there!

With sooo much ammunition available, trolling Tezza about his safety barbie is hardly worth the effort.




‘Safety Barbie’ :rofl:


Odds on he’s gonna get burned at lopwell


There is nothing like a red hot jaffle iron to the back of the skull to focus the mind.


Can you remember how many we burned last year? I forget


Mind you Matt might be bringing his gas pizza oven should keep him busy long enough to keep his prog firmly in his record bag

Win win


Jaffle was a brand name.
Sounded like waffle? Maybe…
Designed, named and patented by Dr Earnest Smithers of Bondi in June 1949.
(Australian Design Office registered Number 27089 actually).

Enjoyed many times watching the Eagles play at Subiaco.
Nice pies!


I truly hate you lot :unamused:


ANYWAY… Is it a goer? @Stepmotheratomicbomb @murrayjohnson can you bake the bread?


Many of the local Inns have these bastards hanging on the wall,
My question is how many shall I steal and will they be any good for toasties?


Barbie has a safe word?


I can easily make a couple of sandwich loafs


No, no, no! Have you watched the wretched video?


Any welding types fancy knocking up a Raclette melter?