2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Me too.


I’ll be there Friday in my official greeter capacity,and mender of car tyres damaged en route


Cheers for offer Adrian,but will be there Friday afternoon.


@AmDismal , @coco and myself are traveling down together on Friday - last year we had an early breakfast in St Albans, then set off. If it’s the same this year, we should arrive early afternoonish…


Most kind, I’ll be there in the afternoon and bailing for the kids bath time


I’ll be there Friday. Current plan is for Terry to ride with me. I guess we’ll take it in turns choosing CDs. Unless Terry wins the toss, in which case we may not get through his first one before our likely mid-afternoon arrival.



Probably best to go Via Aberdeen if you want to hear the whole of track 1


I’ll be there Friday, I’ll be coming from around 40 miles away. What time will we have keys from?


Arggghhh - flutage in an enclosed space :flushed:


Better than trumpet in an enclosed space… :nauseated_face:


True - maybe I shouldn’t have that breakfast after all :thinking:


Easy on the beans :speak_no_evil:


Re food that might be coming.

Is @coco thinking of doing a chilli for Friday night?

I was going to bring pizza dough (& ingredients) to have another try with the cob oven there. Also some marinaded piri piri chicken portions to chuck on a bbq for Sat afternoon.


Happy to do the daily break,milk,eggs etc run


I’m only flitting in and out but I’ll bring a load of pasties around Saturday.


Not Ivor Dewdney’s or Ginsters I hope!


Haha! No homemade ( from a local butcher :wink:)


Shall I bring the Keurig again for (very average) but better than instant coffee?


If you do then let me know what coffee goes well with it (ideally something I can pick up in supermarket, if that’s not heresy) as I brought none but drank gallons last time.



Don’t worry Graeme, it’ll part of my contribution to the proceedings.