2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


I comprehend ‘Tapes and Capes’ but i’m dim to KI? is it a Yoot abbreviation thing? Or is Kiki Dee playing and you ran out of space?



ive been wondering that my self,

WHO wants some ?!


Hey I want Kiki Dee!


bring your own


Another dream punctured, this will be entered into the ledger.


Apart from beer, I intend bringing some locally produced smokey bacon.
Plus anything else that is needed.


thank fuck, nothing from your record collection


He is being practical, it is only a weekender. On the other hand, he could get away with any one LP secure in the knowledge he wouldn’t have to get up off his arse to turn it over.



I am planning to call into The Music Box on my way to Graeme’s.



Is this a wind up? :grinning:


What? a prog 78???


nope prog 1978


I think Terry should bring some music, imagine ze bantz! :grin:


The fireplace area is busy enough as it is :unamused:


Except we’re olny there for a weekend, so not even one track.


This place echoes…


Meh, no one reads your overly verbose replies, it’s almost like listening to prog. :exploding_head:


Fair enough.


I will be there on the Friday, I may bring some LPs to torture you with. :scream:


:grimacing: really?

btw Many Happy Returns Bob! Hope you’re having a great day :smiley: