2nd Weekender

Starting a new thread, for a possible 2nd weekender, to help find venues, and an area, that suits the largest number of people.
Here is what I posted in the old thread.


A few places, to see if they are suitable, and in an accommodating location.

Fire pit. Whatever we go for needs a fire pit :volcano::fire:


This. We must have lobbed the cost of the weekend in pallets on the fire. Will anywhere else be as generous as Lopwell?


Ideally you need a canopy over the fire pit or rain could easily stop play

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I was having a look at Yorkshire/Lancashire for end September. Several suitable venues for twenty to thirty a head depending on numbers.

I know most of the meat men are southerners, so perhaps we should limit the next one to the east mids area.

Just stitch all the capes together


But it’s summer!!!..oh hang on… :no_mouth:

I’ve got an event shelter which I use with a fire pit for exactly the same purpose. Come to that I’ve got a fire pit too I take with me in the van to VW shindigs.

I’m up for midlands or Yorkshire shenanigans.

Less about the cost and more about the facilities. Outdoor space and seating is essential when you have lots of people. As are showers…

tbh Bob, I think that most of us down here will travel, the road trip is part of the fun. If you book it they will come…


Obviously we need a two dayer in Harrogate…



Definitely up for it.

Only thing is away for ten days mid Sept so need to be careful with dates if possible.

Not bothered my hoop about modern facilities like showers, toilets etc. only concern is pizza oven and fire pit. Bring camping chairs.

Of course you’re not, after all you’ve got a bucket for all that :joy:

Lets have a “barn off” and see what the likely candidates are. I’ll firm up on a few at the weekend, pop them in here and we can compare and contrast to others. If t’North looks favorable I’ll pay a visit and see what can be done.


I had a great time at Lopwell and would be very keen to do something similar elsewhere. That said there is a chance of ‘blinkers’ narrowing the potential of all kinds of ‘meatings of the minds’ - Lopwell was great but what else could be fun? Hire a cinema, recording studio, curry house, wharehouse, pub, circus, boat, bunker, brothel or palace. Of course Lopwell was all under one roof but with a little planning anything is possible. If financial considerations are not for profit and there is no commercial angle there’s lots to try, lots to explore fun to be had, memories to make and of course pigs to be eaten.


I think there’s a lot of merit in the notion of trying to find a suitable recording studio. I’m guessing that one or two of us aside, not many people here have had the chance to play with a mixing desk, effects units and all that sort of thing. In the same way that we had the Intro to Classical pieces on here, a hands on intro to the building blocks of a mix I think could be very interesting.

Like this?
It is fairly remote, but there is a micro brewery, in the same industrial site.
They serve beer, and usually have a food van, or some small event catering, available.
They are open, only from 16:00 to 22:00, on Fridays.
A half day studio hire is £200. We could take studio hire, for Friday afternoon, then enjoy the micro brewery.
They try to have live music available, as well.

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I have a friend who is a recording engineer with a converted chapel as a studio. I’m sure he’d be willing to show people how it works. Probably in return for a few pints!

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