2nd Weekender


Organised activities can be a great deal of fun. But tastes vary a lot (there are more ‘days out’ that I would like to go on than there are free days left to me, I fear, so I’ve only got time for the ones that appeal to me). One of the joys of Lopwell was that we were seriously unorganised. Some arrived early, some late. Some drank, a few didn’t. Some sat by the fire, some didn’t. Quite a few didn’t even spend much time listening to music ! As soon as we start to focus on specialist activities we’ll switch some people on and others off. I’m not saying don’t do it, just don’t expect it to be everyone’s cup of tea.



Agree Graeme - not really a fan of organised fun tbh. Create a playground and then let people decide what they want to play for themselves.


Organised fun is out for me also. Just chillin’ with people was great.

It was 279 miles from me, so it is likely the next one will be closer!



Except for the 279 miles bit (actually 901 miles) 279 would be luxury :smiley:


I am just posting here to remind the feeble minded.




So cunts like me can see a thread when it’s already over a month old




If only he’d had a cape…