3rd annual Sou'wester 14_16 June 2019 it's BACK ON AT LOPWELL


We like to be ahead of the curve at lopwell

So this year “streaming without a signal” will have it’s worldwide debut

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Or just playing youtube music straight off your phone at full blast, teenage style.


The chain is too short for me to get near them :disappointed:



one person has paid, I have no idea of their nomme de guerre.

Robert Seymour which I’m guessing is one of the bobs ?

let me know so I can stamp your pass


Hoops on toast

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David is octh …the organiser of the Yorkshire Dales one


ta fellas


That’s me :+1:


I am Robert Seymour and so is my wife.
We have both paid :grin:


Just bought some roofbars for the Ford Focus so kayaks will be making their way to Lopwell.
@murrayjohnson don’t forget yours :+1:


Although it isn’t strictly allowed I fancy a little explore upstream from the dam. (if no one’s watching)


You never know who might be in that bunker.



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That will bring you to Denham bridge won’t it ?
Lots of kayakers start off from there and head down stream.



… never to be seen again.



It would eventually. I think I’d chicken out before it got too hairy.


Stick an engine on the back


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