4-day week

A poll finds that people are generally in favour of this.

Incredible news.


John McDonnell’s going to wave his arms around a bit and we’ll have one. Ace.


Do we get to spend the fifth day in our holiday homes … I mean constituencies.

Labour would actually need to get in power first…slight snag there then!

Four day week, I’m in :smile:

Who is going to make @J_B and @A_Touch_of_Cloth work more?


Yeah, fuck that. FOUR FUCKING DAYS!! Is that every week??? The world’s gone mad I tell us :angry::angry::angry:


I probably spend one day a week on this place :disappointed:


How many making coffee? :upside_down_face:


We have about the lowest productivity per hour in Europe, and we work the longest hours except for Greece IIRC. We’re obviously doing something wrong, and I think that this should be changed. Credit to Labour for raising the issue and proposing to do something about it.


I went on four days back when the recession kicked on, we nearly had to sell the house, it wasn’t fun at all.

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Don’t worry, John will make sure you work less but get the same pay. And no more nasty private schools. Free hover boards for all also.


If you earn over average earnings expect vicious taxes (to pay for all the nationalisation). As usual the rich will pay no more than now, and all the government contracts will go to Crapita as they do such a good job on existing contracts, and nothing to do with political donations, oh no.

Don’t forget the end of the opt out of the working time directive. Mind you if he gets thirty two hours in I can still crack in a decent amount of overtime.

How does that work if Mr Allotment doesn’t opt out of A50?

Only in manufacturing, which is with what, twenty percent of the economy? Reducing hours won’t fix productivity. I suspect the answer is more complex than a politicians headline.

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The opt out is not an EU requirement, it’s a uk construct. The EU allows for an out out but didn’t mandate it

32 hour week would make no difference to my working week. I’d still have to work 40 hours but I’d have hours kept in lieu. I’m currently contracted to 35 hours, so it would just mean a few extra days off.

You’re lucky. I’m currently contracted to as many hours as the cunts dare demand I do.

People are incredibly lazy, feckless and self indulgent…

Where do I sign by the way?