401 plinth reco's

Can anybody recommend a reasonably priced, good quality plinth for a 401; I’m happy for it to be used or new.

I’ve used slate before, but I am also open to solid wood or composites etc.

Thanks for your help / suggestions.

I can sell you a nice stacked ply number… :wink:

Gee, thanks Rob, you’re all :heartbeat:

There’s a guy on eBay from Moldova who does them. The veneered ones look very nice, I believe @Ciderpig has one for his 301

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Yeah, I’ve contacted him but he can’t do anything just yet.

It’s going nowhere mate, and if it went to anyone on here, I’d only want what I paid for it*

Maybe give Mark @DiveDeepDog a shout, he makes some lovely stuff and probably has something hanging around. Or you could go full on and get @BobC to make you a piece of art.

*for information, Mike gave it to me for free.

Think @BobC would be way too rich for me.

Yeah, me too, doubt I could even afford his materials at the moment :frowning_face:

Same as

A photo of my 301 ,plinth done by Mark


Nice, thanks for posting. I think I might be sorted now.

… or I might not :slightly_frowning_face:

Nobody ?

Nothing ?


Have you pinged @DiveDeepDog?

I think this is the one I used with my 401. eBay item number 153607487473. Looks nice when oiled and is a good solid plinth.


Doesn’t come up on search

Ah, found it via Google search :+1:

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He’s not taking on any more work either :frowning:

This is proving quite tricky.

Sorted now. Yay :oj:


What did you get in the end?