A long shot

As per title, but always worth a try.

My friend won a road bicycle on ebay about a month ago. Unfortunately due to lockdown she can’t go and collect it as she’s in East Sussex and the bike is in Ayesbury, Bucks. Originally the seller was ok to keep it until lockdown was over so all was well. The seller has now had a change of heart and said he will be re-listing it as of tomorrow. Now it’s a really nice bike and my friend doesn’t want to lose it, but obviously she can’t go and collect it. The seller won’t allow it to be collected by courier and says it can only be collected in person, which leads me to ask if there’s anyone in that area that would be willing to collect the bike and has space to keep it until it can be collected?
She’s resigned to losing it, but I thought I’d ask on here just in case. You never know!

Thanks, Rick.