A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it


Next offering as the other reached full capacity. Again !

What are you listening 2?

Oops, I already started one Terry


Quick off the mark as usual :laughing:



Hills - Master Sleeps



Never really found out why my copy disappeared but that was youth.


Porcupine Tree - In Absentia

2017 Steven Wilson Dynamic re-master on white vinyl.



This and liege and lief were my first lends from the local library aged 14 .

Power to the people




OK, give up, what is it ?


Credence clearwater revival -bayou country,
Tonight is all about setting up for rum sodomy and the lash


:+1: cracking Album


It deserves the prep every time


Also a cracker, in fact I’ll join you


Never heard it, so, I think I’ll take it for a test drive, next, too :+1:




The power of these recordings puts the released versions to shame.


I think that is true for a lot of the Peel sessions, some of the best performances recorded.


Same with the Joy Division ones


This guy has a tremendous collection of Peel Recordings and all superb quality


Like this


only 0’s and 1’s