A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it


I like a bit of Sitar I do :+1:


Band Of Gold - Where’s the Magic

Courtesy of @chelseadave. Liking it so far. Nice one Dave.







Tried this tonight on Spotify. Lovely stuff.



Hmm ! Psyche ?


Most of their albums sound pretty similar so no need to be too pedantic about which to choose.




Musically this is true. However, some of the earlier LPs are heroically lo-fi making them difficult as a starting point. Actually having a recording budget and a proper engineer (not some Hippy from Tokyo who is mullered) makes a fair bit of difference.


It wasn’t a criticism, as I like the ones I have heard, but like most Post Rock you only need to have one or two of an artist to get the idea.


That’s an extraordinary album, by the way.



FLAC via @crimsondonkey super-duper DDDAC, much appreciated loan. ‘Talk to me’ with its jazzy breakdown sounds sweet. Thanks Wayne.


:roll_eyes: Kikagaku Moyo are a psyche band, not a post-rock band. Go told me this repeatedly while I was asking him where my records were over a six month period. They are also a bunch of disorganised hippy twats. Other than that they are a pretty nice bunch of lads.


Best album they made






Four tet - There is love in you