A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it


Yeah definitely :+1:


Four tet - beautiful rewind









Just playing this on Spotty, blimey I like it. It’s very new for me.

Just ordered the CD.

cheers Mark :+1:


Four tet - new energy



What was that last Album you played Chris ?


Underworld - Beaucoup fish






An album of my youth


Drunken posting. I meant to add “like”. “Like Post Rock bands” blah, blah, blah.


Bunch of fucking addled hippies…


Kamasi Washington : “Heaven & Earth” , CD 3 “The Choice” , hidden/bonus disc. (2018)


First listen. CDR2F.

@htm_1968/Olan When I ripped this yesterday this hidden disc has only half the verified rips in DBP database as for the first two CDs. So looks like a fair proportion of people are missing the extra content.


I think it is a very, very decent set of music. I’m amazed that it was simply given away like that.


Yup, an extra 5 tracks @ 38-37 runtime, so pretty much an extra albums worth in length. Liking it plenty so far too!!


RIP Roy Bailey