A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it


OK, give up


0’s and 1’s


Vinyl for the first time in many years.


I really like it. It’ll be in my top 10 LPs of the year unless something odd happens in the next few weeks.


Wow, haven’t thought of that album for about 30 years. :+1:


Ancient compilation from Bill Drummond’s Zoo label before he sold it to WEA.



5 yrs old already, very decent album.






Ovoc, yesterday’s Oxfam purchase costing £1.99.

Is unseasonal music viewed with the same opprobrium as unseasonal food?


5 / 10 here. A bit mundane and ordinary, really.

A few good tracks with a lot more duffers. I might buy the CD and risk the £11 for the 3rd disc but might not.





Another compilation, this time from 4ad


Nice - do you have this 4AD comp on vinyl Olan ?



No. I don’t even know about it. I’ll look it up now though. I do like a well curated compilation.


Same here :+1:

It’s an belter of an album Olan - an early one from 81 I think. My copy disintegrated through playing it and never got round to replacing it but will really need to try and get a copy as well.


I’ve got that somewhere ( Birthday Party, Bauhaus, the the tracks) and one that came before it with a green cover ( can’t remember what it’s called) and quite a few Psychotik tanks tracks. I’ll dig them out :+1:


Nice - I love it I’ve been playing it a lot recently via Spotify.