A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it


Fuck, tape snapped right after the first song :cry:


This isn’t an arty B&W pic btw - the flash didn’t work on my phone so the colour version looked horrendous :joy:


Was the machine judging your taste? :joy:


Sentient R2R deck - ‘that’s quite enough of that…snip’


Is your splicing apparatus to hand?


Err no, as in it’s on my list of things to buy but haven’t quite gotten around to…:smile:








Nice one @spacehopper, not played for a while. Cracking Album :+1:



Not played it for ages myself - thoroughly enjoyed it. Btw I think you would like that Louis XIV album - Finding Out True Love Is Blind is a belter of a song.

More epicness


I have heard it in a mates car. Hence the like. Do you know if it’s available on vinyl Allan?


Discogs have copies but they’re pricey - only CD’s on ebay


Cheers, I’ll have a look on discogs although I never have much success finding stuff on there


It’s a good album but I don’t know if I would shell out at the prices they’re asking.




Antwerp meets Egypt, with a voice that echoes Thom Yorke occasionally, I guess hence the Jonny Greenwood connection.

I think he got more money for production since the last time I heard him.