A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it


Read a good article about the cover art a couple of months back.



Thanks that was a good read :+1:


That’ll be the DJ mix then.


Correct :slight_smile:

Arrived today £25 off of ebay.
Been meaning to get a copy for the last 25 years.

All i need now is a long train journey or a flight to listen to it properly without distractions.


Don’t give me that - 'cause you were seen - everyone thinks they look daft but you can have your dream

What a bloody album

Irrespective of what team you support - I think this is one of the best album covers ever.


I gave my copy of that version to a mate.

I have a rip of the “10th anniversary edition”.

If there are any differences between the two versions then they’re minimal.


I had forgotten just how good the lyrics were on this :heart_eyes:


Give My Love To Kevin and Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now are genius level break up songs.


I think I’ve missed the subtlety before Rob as I’ve always been pissed when playing/enjoying it :joy:




Kikagaku Moyo - S/T



Sorry @Jim the House Of Love



One collection that stands the test of time. My much cooler dj sister had it and it somehow found its way into my collection :wink:


Given me a readybrek glow this morning. Think I’ll start every day this way.