A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it











Greatest album title ever!!




Tape, probably from the 50s.


Merry Christmas






Cheers @murrayjohnson :+1:


The Good, the Bad and the Queen.



Was in a foul mood this morning until one of my pupils commented “ you alright sir? You seem sad today.” I realised I was grieving ( I’ve met Pete Shelley a few times and he was one of the nicest people, a real hero of my youth) So this afternoon I educated the next generation of music fans on the genius that was Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks.


Had a very similar experience myself when Prince died (obviously a very different character to Pete Shelley). Life long fan and all that, I had been to dozens of gigs, after shows etc. These people are a big part of our lives, hits you for six when they are no longer around.

Respect for passing on VERY important knowledge, Sir.


Thanks, it certainly did.


Ane Brun. Leave me breathless.