A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it


Mt Mountain - Golden Rise




First listen of Rough Trade’s February club offering.



More sublime guitar. However this reissue on Factory Benelux isn’t a patch on the original Factory pressing. It sounds a bit lifeless and compressed in comparison.


That’s next up here Ólan, the original pressing.


If you had posted just a pic of the album without the SME greyness, I wouldn’t think twice about the sentiment. :smiling_imp:



I would say the same using my Clearaudio or using different cartridges for comparison. I detect no greyness.

Have you fixed your Horns yet?



Horns have a temporary fix courtesy of the electronics Druid but will have to spend I think. :woozy_face:




See edit


Ooof. Good to hear it is up and running though.


Very old Factory original.


Actually, it’s the first US pressing, I remember now, the original went in The Great Ex-wife Vinyl Heist of 1999.





joe goddard - electric lines


Having located the missing bass in my system, I am now looking for the best synth basslines :blush: