A quick little cable thread

Right then, what about Gutwire Cables? Clearly designed and cunningly marketed to meet the needs of even AA’s most discerning of butchers. Alan Sircom doesn’t big them up at all in this review. :lying_face:

I’m particularly impressed by these as they are probably more efficacious than smoke alarms if you have NVA monoblocks.

Given that we are all about to be immolated by a pair of shit-flinging baboons with silly haircuts and lots of A-bombs, now is your chance. Don’t hold back, short reviews or comments using four letters or more should do it.

I love mine.

Too cheap to be any good.

No (remotely plausible) amount of copper will shield against low-frequency magnetic fields. If it did professionals wouldn’t have to work with the ridiculously difficult mumetal.

If we really had problems with electric field shielding then we would use this https://www.rfparts.com/coax/heliaxcoax.html which has a solid copper outer. When they describe it as ‘superflexible’ they mean that you can bend the thinner gauges with your bare hands, if you’ve had Shredded Wheat for breakfast. Back in the day I spent a great deal of your (UK taxpayers’) money on it at work. It’s brilliant. But it’s not for the fainthearted.


thank you, now I know what my washing line is made of.

I fucking love expensive cables. There is no downside to extracting large amounts of money from people who clearly have too low a sense:money ratio.

Ultimate Ground. For those where Perfect Ground isn’t perfect enough…

Meh ! S’all bollox innit ?

Olan,are you trolling or what?




Leaving aside the obviously stupid name, these Gutwire products just seemed like the ultimate rip off to me (even surpassing those Entreq earthing boxes) until I happened to read about the Nordstrom system earthing products on PFM yesterday.

Pretty certain that a dealer tried to flog these to me a while back.

He reckoned that he couldn’t in good conscience let my new amp out the door with anything less.

I mentioned that considering what I was paying for the amp, I expected cables to be thrown in for free.

I left the shop with two lengths of QED bell wire.

Funny that.


I like Supra and Van Damme.

Hmm, not expensive enough for it to be a propper troll. Should have put MIT Oracle or Transparent Reference.

It would be interesting to know just how many of the 200 meat men have expensive cabling…

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Gutwire? Isn’t that the name of Jons stomach band?

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You mean it plays tunes?


Sold most of my Uber foo wanky wires years ago, happily got most of my money back & actually bought a few pieces of real ackshewall audio eqpmt & a new telly with the proceeds.

Mostly using hi grade AV component leads for analogue phonos & SPdif digital these days, for no loss in audio SQ. In terms of construction, materials, plugs & build quality the ones I have are mostly a cut above most audio marketed stuff I have seen at under a grand per 1m pair.

For my many balanced runs I use Van Damme XKE Star Quad wires & top of the line Neutrik XLR plugs. Don’t cost a fortune & look the part, as well as being reassuringly robust. Certainly equally as good as £5/600 offerings from Atlas & Chord that a mate tried to wow me with.

I dare say a few others on here, will have had a similar epiphany, once the penny has dropped re some sensible audio facts, rather than being swayed by some of the ridiculous claims & marketing B.S.

I went a bit fooey and bought some 2nd hand qed 79 strand a few years ago.
Also bought 3 pairs of that turquoise Cambridge interconnect stuff for a tenner a while back.

Have reined in the spending these days though.


I have all second hand cables, nearly all from Atlas and nearly have silver sheathing. That was the only criteria I purchased against having picked up my speaker cables (Atlas in sliver) on the very cheap. I have no foo mains cables at all being fond of not throwing my money away.

I do actually still have some slightly fooey digi wank opticals & a v nice tonearm cable. But most of this bought at hooj discounts & simply not cost effective to move on/replace.

Some fooey mains distro 'n filter bits too, but again all bought at silly low prices & wouldn’t move on due to meeting my connectivity needs so well.

I don’t have an interconnect that I have paid more than £10 for and my 3m OFC copper speaker cables were less than £20.00 brand new.