AA football predictor


I realise that but obviously getting the correct score requires immense skill and great footballing knowledge as evidenced by the mini league table.:wink:


I can’t argue with your logic. :smiley:


And another correct score with Liverpool winning 4-0 and the right result but wrong score (went for 1-1) in the Southampton game. Still only just ahead of Malbec.:open_mouth:

I am currently 5th overall of all the people playing that game.:sunglasses:


Don’t forget to post your predictions for next weekends game - 2nd place is up for grabs.:stuck_out_tongue:


Time running out if you haven’t got your predictions in.


Can’t seem to find any info or scores for this weeks results - bloody site is useless.
What stupid wanker suggested using it.:thinking:


Malbec is now top pending the Brighton v Man Utd result (I went for 0-2 so I won’t get many points for that one).


1 malbec
2 unclepuncle
3 sjs_
4 htm_1968
5 ijrussell
6 adpully
7 murray.johnson
8 hamhamlet
9 stu123
10 pmacaa


Stop the season now :soccer::soccer::soccer:


During the weekend I struggled to verify that I had predicted scores
It was sorted by Sunday - Advice is get your scores in plenty of time early even complete scoring the whole season with rough scores for starters. then correct things if needed the week before.


Probably a good time to scrap this league,shame as i’m on a great run.


Only takes one good week and you’ll be right back in it.


And thanks to Liverpool beating Palace I retake top spot from Malbec, but SJS and htm_1968 are breathing down our necks.

Don’t forget your predictions for week 3.


How TF do you get to see the AA mini league. Can’t find it on the site.


Log in (assuming it lets you do that) then at the top you should see various options in white text -
Predictor, Survivor, Mini League, Betting Lobby, How it Works.

Click on Mini League and at the top it should show:

Your Mini Leagues - Audio Abattoir, with a green box on the right saying View.

Click view then on the next page click on Overall Results. The table should then come up.


Cheers Uncle


Uncle is being very helpful this year, I wonder why?


To be fair I was being helpful n setting it up before I got off to a good start.
At least with me being top (and smug with it) it gives you all an extra incentive.:wink:


It’s currently showing tomorrow’s Fulham Burnley game as having been played today with a 4pm KO. I hope they sort it out by tomorrow. Ignore my other catastrophic predictions. :grinning:


My predictions this week did not register but I am absolutely sure I logged them in.