AA football predictor


It has completely changed (actually reversed) some of my predictions.
I went for Arsenal to win 3-0 but it’s flipped it to 0-3
and Liverpool to beat Brighton 3-1 has been flipped.

Whoever suggested this site needs banning.:frowning:

I’m still top despite that though.:smiling_imp:



Now realise it had actually flipped every single prediction for this week - so as well as the Arsenal and Liverpool changes outlined above it also gave me Wolves to beat Man City 4-0 (as if!!) and tomorrow it had flipped Newcastle v Chelsea to 3-1 instead of the 1-3 I predicted (I have now changed that back hopefully).

Fortunately most of the other predictions I made were draws so it made no difference and in the Southampton Leicester game it actually fliiped it in my favour as I went for 2-1 and it changed it to 1-2 which was the correct score so what I lost on the Arsenal and Liverpool games I more than made up for on that game.:grin:


So you gained about 200 points by ending up less wrong how marvellous and well deserved.


Something like that.

Did anybody else suffer a prediction reversal or just me - fucking weird.


Mine logged properly but access is flaky close to start of play.
We will of course remember your bonus if it affects final positions.


I’m out. To frustrating. I will now focus on my Fantasy Football team bottom of the Wigwam league and now called Abattoir Athletic.


It says you scored 690 points so far this week, which is only 50 less than me, so I’m assuming your predictions were saved properly.


In fact I can see your predictions - your best one was 2-2 for Bournemouth v Everton.

It says it’s week 4 but it is actually week 3.


I don’t understand what is going on. It showed nada when I checked!


Don’t worry Dave - I’ll hold your hand throughout the competition.:laughing:


Seems to be working ok no problem with reversed results so far


Don’t forget to get your predictions in for this week.

Getting tight at the top:

1 unclepuncle - 4780
2 sjs_ - 4605
3 htm_1968 - 4380
4 malbec - 4175
5 adpully - 3800
6 murray.johnson - 3525
7 ijrussell - 3370
8 hamhamlet - 3330
9 stu123 - 2875
10 pmacaa - 0


Standings after Week 4

1 sjs_ - 6405
2 malbec - 5550
3 unclepuncle - 5460
3 htm_1968 - 5460
5 adpully - 5265
6 murray.johnson - 4850
7 ijrussell - 4330
8 hamhamlet - 4145
9 stu123 - 4070

I was rock bottom this week you’ll all be glad to know.


Thanks, good news indeed.:heart_eyes:


You were second bottom this week so don’t get too smug.:laughing:

I’m looking forward to the international break.


I really thought I was bottom this week so nice surprise.


It’s definitely not been a good defence of your title so far - still early days though.


Different scoring set up I need to be bolder and take risks in my forecasts.


Don’t forget to get your predictions in for this weekend.


Thanks for the reminder Ian.