AA football predictor


Bloody --SJS-- storming it again - CUNT :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




Don’t forget your predictions.


4 of us called the Ful v Wat as a 1-1 draw :+1:


Fuck off you cunt.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Good week for me for a change. I’m sure normal service will be resumed next week though. :slight_smile:


Well done Ian.
Unfortunately SJS was still next best and is miles clear.


Disappointingly dropped to 2nd overall


My predictions have been reversed again.
I checked after the West Ham game as I knew I had them to win but instead it had me predicting 1-2 to Man Utd.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
My other predictions were also reversed - Brighton to beat Man City 4-0 for example.:rofl:
I have managed to change them back but I’m pissed off.

I have found the reason too. If I make and submit my predictions on my Lounge iPad (I have another iPad in my music room) it seems to be OK. But if I then use that iPad to check the AA league and then go back to the predictions they have all been reversed. Fucking crazy.:exploding_head:


Ah, I thought I was going mad as I logged in yesterday and it had reversed all my predictions. I shall use this as an excuse for being utter gash last week in the predictions (and everything else :unamused:).


If it reversed all my predictions I doubt I’d notice.


I’d probably be top by 5-10,000 points if the system worked properly.


Whoever suggested this website should be shot.:+1:


My predictions are all a wild stab in the dark, which is what the site developers should get :rage:


It looks like quite a few of us were thankful for the late Liverpool equalizer. :slight_smile:


Indeed - I could have done without the late Wolves goal though.


A pleasing result tonight.:sunglasses:

Well done Dave for top scoring this week.:+1:


Thanks. I am now 3rd from bottom.


There is a game tonight (Brighton vs West Ham) so don’t forget to get 'em in before it kicks off.

FWLIW I have it Brighton 1 West Ham 2. Almost guarantees a rampaging home win for Brighton :confounded:


Same prediction as me.:sunglasses: