AA football predictor


About bloody time normal order was resumed.:hugs:


The Teatime result was annoying.


Everton left it late but 2-0 is great.:heart_eyes:


I really needed that second Everton goal.


Bloody Pickford.:weary:

Rafa and Roy must be nearing the door now.


1000 points so far this weekend with tomorrow night still to come. Had Everton to win 3-1 today, so a bit fucked off with that…:slightly_smiling_face:


The Everton result rescued my weekends results.


Right Arsenal - no more goals will do nicely.


Bugger - looks like a few of you cunts also had 3-1.:frowning:


I had 3-1 to Arsenal. Moved me up a bit.


Made no ground up on me though Dave, and that’s the main thing.:smiling_imp:


Don’t forget your guesses for this week.


Done mine for November as well. As my predictions are generally shite I thought I may as well do them now. Can’t possibly do any worse that I’m doing now.


What happened to your predictions - Did they not get saved?


WTF - definitely did them much earlier this week - I even put up the reminder.
Fucking cunt who suggested this stupid site deserves shooting.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


That’s a shame - Is your mobile or iPad causing the snags?
It appears to me as though the number of users is shrinking - Maybe there are lots who are getting snags?

It is just possible that they will correct things overnight


Saved all of mine, but may as well have not done :sleepy:


This. Very much this…:cry:


Must have cost me close to a thousand points.:weary:

Have now done my predictions for the rest of this weeks games and the next two weeks on my main PC.
Logged out and back in and they are definitely saved - for now anyway.:pensive:


I really needed that Everton penalty. It’s turned a poor week into an OK one.