AA football predictor


FYI I am going for a 2-2 draw tonight on Huddersfield and Fulham game


I have Huddersfield to win 2-1. I am having a decent week this week for the first time in ages so Fulham will probably win 3-0 to feck that all up.


I did better last week when my predictions didn’t get registered.:tired_face:


Please fess up on your predition for tonights game?


I have gone for 1-0.


Worst (of football) luck to you both.


Top Butchering (you cunt)!




Smell my cheese.:sunglasses:


Is Simon using this?


I wish :rofl:


Fucking last minute goal at Cardiff has cost me the correct score.:weary:


On the other hand, I had Cardiff to win 2-1 so your suffering is just a little extra bonus :grin:

EDIT: Warnock is an annoying twat at the best of times but Cardiff are shocking to watch. The sooner they are relegated the better.


Yellow cunt.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


:kissing_heart: Naturally all my other predictions were utter shite.


Not one of us has Spurs to win this one.


Don’t forget there’s a game on Friday.


Great predictions so far this week.


Now a very good start to the weekends football for me.
I have the Southhampton v MU as a 0-2 same as SJS


Saints 1-0 up,i have 1-2