AA football predictor





You rang again?


Another injury time goal fucks me* over.:weary:

*and several other players too.


I had 2-2, and needed another injury time goal so stop moaning you cunt :smiley:.


I had 1-1,for me this competition is about taking part,not the wining




Bombed out again.


I had us to win 3-1. We were feckin’ rubbish after halftime.


I have moved up a place after my correct score.


I have moved up another place!


I hate watching Liverpool, especially when they are winning. On the other hand, I enjoy watching United lose and, as a bonus, had Liverpool to win 3-1, saving my bacon this week in the predicitor.


I was pleased to predict two games correctly today salvaging what would been a rubbish effort.
Poor old Uncle Puncle he is now 7th out 9 it’s not really been his week.


There’s a game tomorrow for those who haven’t predicted for this week yet.


My finger was hovering over the ‘delete league’ button. Only the joy of Liverpool being top of the table prevented me from pressing it.


What’ve you done with him? We want uncle back!


That sentiment will have as much support as May’s Brexit deal.


Crazy results meant I got a couple of zero’s but climbed a couple of places. :heart_eyes:


Another stellar weekend for me.:cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


As with the Premier league the top of the table is boring - it’s the close relegation battle where all the interest is hence my recent best efforts to join that fight.:lying_face:


There are games Wed/Thur (Week 19) as well as Sat/Sun (Week 20).

I’m hoping to continue my mid-season run of form. :slight_smile: