AA football predictor


I knew I had you worried.:rofl:


A good start to this weeks predictions,:rofl:

I went for 4-2 to Arsenal so could hardly have been more wrong yet I scored as many points as the rest of you.:+1:


I did quite well today, 2 correct scores. :heart_eyes:


No more than I would expect from you Dave.:+1:

Stu maintainng his amazing mid season form, and I kept up my consistently bad form, though I did manage to beat Olan this week.:pray:


Sabotage :rage:


If I could have I would have.:grin:

I’m looking forward to not losing any ground next weekend - there are no fixtures.:rofl:


wrong thread!


Don’t forget the weekend predictions.


I cannot access the the web page. Anyone else?


Not just you Dave.

Clearly my amazingly bad predictions have crashed it.




I have already done my predictions for the next 2 or 3 weeks so hopefully it stays down for a few weeks and I can claw some points back on the rest of the AA league.:grin:


If it stays busted do I win the season? :grin:


Will be down to the person who set up the league to make that adjudication.:laughing:


Still can’t access the site. :sob:


I had my guess done for tonight but they’d better get it going for the weekend!


Ive completed it until the end of the month, but 2 days offline doesnt bode well.


No. I think the Puncle is somehow responsible. The whole thing only exists in his evil contorted mind & now it’s gone horribly wrong he’s pulled the plug while descending into a Belgian beer induced hell.


Slightly annoying as I was top by 283 points over 2nd place


Yep Uncle pounce was plumb last out of nine of us. I think he would want us to blame him anyway.