AA football predictor


2-0 to City. Just what I was going to predict. :triumph:


I am deeply hurt by these unfounded accusations and suggestions I may have deliberately sabotaged things in order to save my reputation as the forums resident football expert.


Which one are you?


Very catty.


Seems to be working again now.:roll_eyes:


Not letting me put in predictions for tonight’s or tomorrow’s games.


I cannot put mine in. That’s two weeks I’ve missed this season.


Me neither. Did anyone get points for the City Everton game?

Me too.




I got 415,Huddersfield cost me a few hundred with a late goal




I got 440 points but that was against last week. This week it looks like i’ll get 0. I’ve filed out the next two weeks predictions.


I’m not sure I can be arsed. My flouncing gown is at the dry cleaners so I’ll think about it for a while.


I appear to be back up to 36th overall for the time being