AA football predictor

I have now setup the “Audio Abattoir WC” group on Superbru.

Everyone in the Premier League group should receive an invitation.

Anybody else who wishes to join just let me know and I can send through details


I have now signed up. Team I support: neutral.

I signed up earlier using my Strayan passport.

Looking forward to seeing Garang Kuol play for Australia (hopefully he gets a game). We are signing him in January and he’s been called up at 18, which is exciting.

Round 16 results, last before the pre-Christmas winter break. @Ijrussell takes the crown with 12.5 points, from @malbec with 11 points. The fight for the wooden spoon was comfortably won by @chelseadave with 4 points, from @htm_1968 with 7 points.

Overall this means that @stu will be top of the tree come Christmas, with a health 17 point lead over @sjs only a Keeganesque collapse in the New Year can see the title being wrenched from his clutches.

The gap at the bottom remains at 17.5 points after both @Adpully and @Pan scored 10.5 points in Round 16.

Round 17 kicks off on Boxing Day at 12.30 pm when Brentford host Tottenham for the battle of the hangovers.

In the meantime, we can be distracted by moneyball in Qatar

Much as I seem unable to get excited by the event (it may change) I’ve joined the AA WC comp.

[smug mode on] Well I have to try to defend my title…



Guy you need to join the Aa World Cup league as you are only on my one

At least I won’t miss the first round this time! Got my picks in.

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I’m in with a chance of 2nd if I stay with it. What’s the prize going to be?

First prize is one of @browellm’s mince tarts with extra crumble.

I’d take it. I may have principles but I’d rather have some crumbly dusted tart thing.

Nine mins injury time just cost me an exact result. Fckers.

and gained me an exact result :grin:

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We might as well give up. The otter knows best.



I had 3 pts at 2-0 for Spain. Gone in a flash.

Same here but at least we get the result. Germany and the Argies screwed me for what I thought were guaranteed results at least.

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Don’t you think that applied to everyone in the group?


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I certainly hope so. I originally had Ger-Jap as 0-1 then thought better of my stupidity and changed it to 3-1 Ger.

nobody picked up points for Ger - Jpn, arguably I was the closest with a 2-2 draw, but it still didnt get me any points

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After the first round of 16 games its all tight at the top with @stu on 17.5 points followed by @pmac and @TonyTheHat on 16.5 points while @Pan gets the wooden spoon with 7 points

Wales v Iran kicks off the 2nd round of matches in less than 90 minutes, so @sjs and @malbec need to get their picks in fast