AA Grip & Flip Acumulator Club

For a bit of fun I was thinking today about an AA Co-op accumulator.

The rough idea is up to ten members send £30 to player 1 via Pay Pal gift creating an investment ‘pot’.

Player 1 buys (Grips) something (It doesn’t really matter what so long as you believe it can turn over a profit) and sells it (Pictures / description etc would be fun) The summed total is then sent via Pay Pal gift to player 2 and so on…


  • If selling in auction, fees must be deducted before sending the ‘pot’ onward.

  • This is supposed to be fun, do not join if you can’t afford to loose £30

  • Adding value in some way is allowed

  • You will need a Pay Pal account

  • Game ends when the pot goes bust or hits £3000

  • Each player has x1 month MAX to grip / flip and forward the pot to the next player.

  • This may end in tears.

Names will be added and ranking (Player 1-?) worked out once ? players interest is shown.

Pay Pal details will be sent via group PM.

That sounds like fun.
If it ever gets to 3 g. The site gets it all??

The mind garden is strong

I’m in

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Each player is welcome to do with their share what they wish.

i hope for the last point one way or another

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I’m up for this…I will of course pass on and not pocket. :wink:

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7 spaces to go

Count me in (especially if it’s pretty and coloured and made of vinyl and spins round at about 33 rpm).

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Is this a ponzi?


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No. It’s Stronzetto putting together finance for a big glue buy.

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No, nice idea though - are you a dealer?

x6 spaces left

Fascinating idea, and I will watch with interest, however my talents lie only in selling stuff for less than I paid for it, so won’t be participating. :white_flag:


You mean the “llama Q “ festival spit roast van is cancelled?

Is UncleP involved? If so, isn’t the pot likely to be lumped on the 3.30 at Newmarket?

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We welcome the mismanagement of funds if well documented

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Not for me, I like to keep profit.

I’m surprised I would have thought this would be straight up your rue.

N.B: Each member has a choice what to do with their share of the final divvy.

No deal Dickinson??

I’m hoping he will spread bet