AA hopes / plans / ambitions 2023

I was out with a very longstanding friend a couple of nights ago and he came up with the old saw of “yeh, 2023, plans?”

I replied that I had a mind to impose on the hospitality of a friend in Munich twice this year: High End and Oktoberfest. He invited me over for Oktoberfest last year and it didn’t work out. We all know eachother from ~40 years ago, but I’ve kept up with Munich guy and drinking buddy hasn’t.

After that I gave it no more thought.

Anyway, at the end of a drunken afternoon he piped up “err, if you’re talking to, err, yer man, could you, err?”


  • High End
  • Oktoberfest, geriatrics with prostate issues remix
  • Desertfest London
  • Desertfest Antwerp but that’s a heckin’ long way out
  • The plan was for a two-centre rail holiday, Antwerp (friends girlfriends want to eyeball the engels dolt’s wife) and Luxembourg (wife’s cousin) but I think this will be trumped by BiL’s hockey thing in Italy

So, how 'bout you?


Don’t want to put a downer on the thread, but got some real shit coming up, so just to get through it all, tbh.


Need a new car and a new bathroom. Won’t be buying many records this year as belts need to be tightened.


My sole desire for 23 is to get back my season ticket and return to Paradise when the 23/24 season kicks off in late July/early August. :four_leaf_clover:


Mr. MWS would rather like to be enveloped in pudendum on a giant, well oiled inflatable mattress.
Stronzi would like a new glue trough and to be made a Lord. Either / Or
I would like a quiet warm softly furnished and dimly lit room sufficient to hibernate in until May. Oh, and pate.


Don’t be keeping that shit under your lid: some of us are horrible cunts (mainly me to be fair), but this is a good ol’ talkin’ shop. Just sayin’.

As for me, I don’t make plans, fate is always listening, fate doesn’t like plans.

If we can just get to '24 alive, healthy-ish, and with less water and cold draughts coming into the house, I’m golden :ok_hand:


Thanks Paul


Last year went from taking high doses of two blood pressure meds (10mg Amlodipine + 7.5mg Ramipril) to a low dose of one (4mg Perindopril). Want to be med free this year.

Couple of long backpacking trips I plan to make.

That’s about it :slightly_smiling_face:



5 Springsteen concerts (yes I am that sad) , road trip from Chicago to Austin with my mates based around Americanafest in Nashville. Most importantly going with my youngest son to his Haematology appointment on Wednesday to see if the chemo’s worked on his Lymphoma :crossed_fingers:


Munich HiFi
France golf trip
Turkey golf trip

Trip to Plymouth about Easter time to put my Dad’s ashes in the Sound


The only thing I’m hoping for this year is that my mate and I finally get up to Skye with the bikes as we’ve had to put off for the last few years.


Hoping family stay healthy, and I manage to clear out my music room, so I can have a bakeoff.


Being grateful i still have Mrs P and making plans to celebrate that


Move to part time working.

Find an SJS Arcadia 1.5 pre amp for sale.

Put forward a proposal to fit 2 x 15" guns c/o IWM to the next class of submarine in lieu of torpdo tubes to enable underwater gunnery capability.

Move to full Medical retirement on grounds of insanity.


Get a holiday away with the dogs.

Sort the kitchen out.

Help FoL get a place of her own.

Grow a lot more spuds.

Bring another partner into the business.

Learn to bake a few basics.


I’d like to get passports for Donna, Amy and myself (Sam has one now) so we can finally get the kids on a plane. Scary to think that with one thing and another, Donna and I haven’t been abroad in the time we’ve been married!

We need a shower sorting out.

We really need a new kitchen, desperately.

A hard floor in the living room would be good.

Settle and the walk up to one of the three peaks with @octh was really a huge wake-up call for me fitness wise, I really struggled at one point on the way up - I need to get fit again!

Garden - we still need one.

It’s highly unlikely that we manage to do all these things this year, but it’s a to do list of the big stuff :crazy_face:.


Continue with happiness.

Build at least one thing. Hopefully two things. Maybe three if you count dc heaters for the amps.

Gonna start with chopping up Christmas tree.


Is Nils Lofgren still part of his East st band ?

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To finally sort my coffee making situation out, after years of dithering…