AA will mug you off - Fund raiser interest check

AA is skint and would like to mug you…Depending on interest.

Sirs who doesn’t need another mug clattering about in the back of the cupboard? or a mug so baffling to all it’s value is priceless?

I’ve mocked up a couple of options - Interest is welcome. Feedback can fuck straight off.

The mugs are metal with an enamel so they aren’t my favored option (I think Chinese lamp man probably has something more cost effective but I’ve also told him to fuck straight off so this option is closed)

Running a batch of 10 at a sale price of £10 would generate £5 Profit per mug which would go directly to the running of the site.

Option A

Option B


I trust the print quality will be as poor if not worse than the Lopwell T shirts.

I’d like 25 of Option C please.

Done, PM me your pay pal email

Eh, ok :grinning:

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I’ll have an option A please Matt. Option B would lead to death by Antipodean so I’ll restrain myself.

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A please. :+1:

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A would be nice

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I’ll have A please

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A please

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B please.

B for me as well please

A&B please

A+B please

A please.

I’ll have an E please Bob… make that a B.

Both. Hurry up.

I’ll have an A

Option A please