AAAC: 12th June 2018 John McBain: Accidental Soundtracks Vol 1 - The Alpha Particle

Nice set of minimal psychedelic tunes from the former Monster Magnet guitarist turned producer/mastering engineer. I think a lot of this was recorded during/between various sessions for the last couple of Carlton Melton LPs. However, this is far more structured than Carlton Melton’s jams. It might make the basis for a decent soundtrack as it is very atmospheric in places.


Bandcamp Link:

I would be grateful if somebody could post a Spotify link as I don’t have a login.

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Brilliant album cheers Olan :+1:

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Liking this a lot Olan, thanks for the intro, nice commuter vibe if you don’t mind me saying.

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Have heard bits of this but not the whole album. Will stream it off Bandcamp at work tomorrow :+1:

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So many nascent ideas, so little time to develop them. There’s some great music here but it needs an opportunity to extrapolate.

I get the feeling that there’s a really good album wanting to get out.


Well that’s an hour of my life I’ll not get back.

Not terrible but just not my cup of tea.


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I listened to this all the way through, twice. i really wanted to like it but it’s just a bit too repetitive and boring. :confused:


Like it. 8/10. It’s going to be my Father’s Day present :+1:


Ditto 8/10

Some of it was (IMO obvs) quite John Carpenter. Others, err, weren’t.

Thanks for the pointer.

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YouTube doesn’t even recognise “john mcbain acc…”. It suggests ‘accountant’ when you’re at the ‘acc’ stage. Though the video is there. 581 views in a year. He’s not exactly big, is he?

A lovely opener, which did grab me. Very motorik. The (almost) title track sounds lovely too.

Interesting. Probably too long and too self-indulgent, but sounds well worth a listen. :+1:

A bit repetative, unimaginative and uninspiring. Not bad but not good either. 2.5/5

Forum tagline?

:face_with_monocle: Good job I didn’t put up the Krautrock inspired Japanese psyche LP that I first considered for this AAAC. Give this a blast @Ijrussell:

It’ll clear your pipes for you…