AAAC 16/01/18 : Tame Impala - Lonerism

Forgot it was my turn so something I’ve been listening to recently, very similar to the flaming lips (especially the drumming)

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Will dig that one out. Not listened to it for a while. :+1:

Know of but never listened to Tame Impala.

Very quickly flipping through it, I can hear the Flaming Lips and Sergeant Pepper / Magical Mystery Tour era Beatles influences, massively.

Looking forward to a proper listen.

Sorry about that. I’ll send you three reminders the next time. :wink:

Band I first saw in Sydney during the Vivid Live Festival in May 2011, in a mad few nights that included two gigs by Spiritualized and a gig by Architecture in Helsinki. That gig was after Innerspeaker was released but before Lonerism and featured a Massive Attack cover in the set. I don’t mind this LP at all, but really liked Innerspeaker. I haven’t listened to any of this for ages though so I’ll pull out the records.

I don’t really mind this. It is clearly a pop LP that has been given a Psyche treatment so is a bit insubstantial for my tastes. Innerspeaker is a much better LP IMHO. I really don’t get on with Elephant though. It has a mild version of the glam rock stomp, but really doesn’t rock or stomp enough.

4/5 on a technicality as I own all their LPs and a lot of the other records up to Currents. Can’t really see myself continuing to buy Tam Impala though. They are a bit of one trick pony and I seem to have lost interest in that particular trick.

AAAC has been a bit fucking quiet recently…

Clearly needs moar Mastodon.

My least favourite of the three Tame Impala albums. It’s sounds to me like Innerspeaker 2. More of the same psych-pop, with the psych touches often sounding like an afterthought.

That said, the light and fluffy nature of most of the tunes mean for me it’s a great summer-sit-in-the-garden-with-mates-and-beers kind of album.


I’m up in early Feb… perhaps Crack The Skye? :metal:

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I have this on vinyl; I recall it was hyped as the next big thing but I’m with Olan, now it feels thin to me.

That’s pop I guess, ephemeral in the main.

I bought this at the time on CD cos I wasn’t sure it was worth taking up precious vinyl rack space. I subsequently gave the CD away. In hindsight both good decisions :nerd_face:.

Their music’s just a bit flimsy and gutless really. Ideal 6 Music fodder. 1.5/ 5.

Haha, I love that 6Music has come to be referenced pejoratively. How spoiled we have all become :smiley:


Some shows are very good, but it’s the drivel on the daytime playlist that drives me to distraction. If I hear fucking Superorganism ‘something for your M.I.N.D.’ one more time :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Steve lamacq


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Does my nut in, nearly as much as Mary Anne Hobbs.

Tom Robinson.

(Going back a few years I loved his evening show)

SLm just plays middle of the road indie pap

Iggys show rocks as do some of the specialist shows, I’d sooner be with it than without it!

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In my household 6pm on a Saturday is sacred.

It’s Craig Charles or riot.

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And this choice isn’t going to help.

Not really an album that’s going to generate any major AAAC action. Too well known and too agreeable a sound.

Decently tuneful, occasionally very decently tuneful such as on Music To Walk Home By.

I feel it’s the music Jeff Lynne would have been making had he been a young man in the laptop age.

I quite like Currents but this is just a tuneless dirge. 2/5

Sounds like a soundtrack (Clockwork Orange?), not my cup of tea. 2/5 must try harder.

I think I may be up next?