AAAC 21/08/2018 The Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness

Newish to me. I got here through drummer Gavin Harrison who I consider to be one of, if not THE, best contemporary drummers about. His performances with King Crimson and Porcupine Tree are epic. His creativity stands head and shoulder above his peers at the moment.

But this isn’t King Crimson, it isn’t Porcupine Tree and it certainly isn’t a drummer’s album.
It’s a collection of strong pop/rock songs with a very strong rhythmic backbone.

It also features John Helliwell from Supertramp and Geoffrey Richardson from Caravan. And yes, there is some Prog connection. In fact, it is what I would call accessible Prog.

No doubt you’ll all hate it but I don’t care.

Have some of their earlier stuff and quite liked it so maybe this won’t be a total blow out.

The hard sell mentions King Crimson, Porcupine Tree and Supertramp, yet claims this isn’t prog, or more terrifyingly is accessible prog.


Accessible Prog? What the feckity feck is that, and how do we get it banned before someone is injured by it?

I’m sure to love this…:lying_face:

I think these guys have cropped up in my recommendations playlist on Spotify.

Nice short album; I can download and then listen on one of my longer train journeys later this week :+1:

BTW, your linky is to the overall artist page. The album is here

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PT (?) are ok

Jesus, this is going to be more seriously uncool autistic white boy music isn’t it? Accessible prog still prog :face_vomiting:

Looking forward to this :joy:

Prog that isn’t accessible is better - saves you having to listen to it :laughing:


It’s certainly a lot softer and safer than the earlier stuff I have.
Has a nice flow to it and is quite pleasant and unoffensive, but also a bit bland and forgetable.
Dinner party prog.:frowning:

3 out of 5

The rocky and wig-outty bits are far too few and far between. Very little in the way of grooves and too much competent tediocrity.

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Their 2010 album ‘Someone Here Is Missing’ is much better imo, the title track is particularly good.

Great word.:ok_hand:

Obviously very technically competent but a little soft for my liking.

Needs moar fire / screaming / explosions &c.

I like the chilled vibe. Very different from my usual diet of pyrotechnics.

I generally liked the intro/beginning of each track, but not the crescendo towards the end - I must be getting old :smirk:

The vocal also got a bit samey as the record went on - not bad overall though :thinking:

This didn’t cause me to shit myself spontaneously*, so that was all win. I’m ashamed to admit I like the production and particularly the space/sparseness of the songs. On the other hand, the drummer is talented but impossibly annoying. There are frills and unnecessary frippery behind and in front of the beat at every opportunity. Oh, and could someone take the lead vocalist’s adenoids out, preferably through his arse if he wrote the lyrics.

On the whole: 2.5/5 or infinity/5 on the Guilt Machine scoring system.

*After 30 minutes though! Thought I might implode…:poop::poop:

I think it’s bland, but it could be a grower if it was played at you 10 times.

Four tunes and I am done.

Horrible whine of a singer.

Songs take too long to get going.

Bob doesn’t like Terry’s music shocker :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Surprisingly, given Terry’s previous nominations, I don’t actually hate this. The drumming is interesting without getting to the point of self-indulgent noodly bollocks, which is a surprisingly difficult line to tread it would appear. Definitely going to get played again.

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