AAAC 21 Nov 17: Alice in Chains - Uplugged


Quite possibly THE album of my 6th form years. Still sounds sublime even now and one of the few albums of that time that I’ve not gone off since. Layne Stayley’s voice isn’t for everyone, but the playing is top notch.


Ooooh. I’ve really only recently discovered AiC. I think they are good. I might enjoy this*

*I do have few AAAC to catch up on.


:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: Dear God Jon, what have you unleashed upon us, Music that excites Terry? :scream::scream::scream:


Fuck, let me change it to anonymous girl + guitar music quickly.



Thanks. That really helps :confounded:


Dub reggae, you need dub reggae, it’s his kryptonite


He might wear a cape and his underpants over his trousers but I doubt Kryptonite would bother him much…


I always think that the ‘unplugged’ LPs are like Lemmy in a wheelchair with a mineral water and a vape stick.

Quite liking AIC, but not this, it needs to be more raw and loud for me, I guess I just like grinding guitars.


I truly hate you lot :rage:



I liked the music but the vocals just didn’t do anything for me. 3/5