AAAC 21st Feb: Valerie and Friends

Another compilation. This time a selection of French electro synth pop from

College notably featured on the Drive soundtrack.


Perhaps you will hear something you like, probably not :smiley:


Feck off Terry !

Don’t know this edd but looking forward to giving it a spin.

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I think there is a echo on here. I’m sure I said this earlier today…


Oh, in which case, I should really be very sorry but, for some unexplained reason, I’m really very not. Hey ho !

No takers? :confused: I’ll have a listen.

Errrrrrr !

Not at all sure what to make of this. It seems to be some sort of Abba meets ELO parody of the worst electro you ever heard.

It’s so cheesy that it almost comes off but not quite.

Not for me I am afraid.

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Pretty solid description. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of the albums by a some of the artists, I probably really like 2/3 of it and skip the odd track I don’t like.

I haven’t listened to this fully as an album. It is what it is. Seems like mostly good, pop fun.

Tracks 2 and 5 I liked and just having another skip through now and track 7 sounds nice. Opener is pretty decent too.

Some of it veers a bit too close to clubby for me.

Catchy enough to be enjoyable in a retro way, though I’d probably struggle to sit through 1 hour 17 minutes of this in one go.

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I would have liked this when it came out but now I just find it hasn’t got enough to stand out from the crowd of other eletro synth albums. It wasn’t bad but nothing special. 3/5.

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Slightly uneven which I suppose is unavoidable in a compilation album, but overall I enjoyed this :thumbsup:

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After listening to this, I’m really surprised that Valerie has any friends at all. Truly dire pile of crud.

“Ooooh, let’s get a £3 synthesiser and a sequencer and make moozic, yeah babay !”

This shit would make me consider Brexit.

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It did make for good background music to have on at a loud volume whilst doing various chores around the house, and that’s a niche not to be underestimated in my book. Not sure it would ever warrant a full on sit-down listening session though.