AAAC 21st March - Brandt Brauer Frick - You make me real

German (Berlin) electronica with a difference - they play actual instruments!

This is their first album from 2010.

Listening to this now. The first couple of tracks have a jazzy vibe to them. I think your assessment of what I might think of it might prove correct @Jim. Early days yet though.

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Great choice Jim.

They were mentioned in some obscure equipment review is was recently reading so they are a fairly new discovery for me.
Also worth checking out is their second release - Mr. Machine.

I don’t hate it :thinking:

OK, it’s a bit repetitive and can sound a bit samey. But overall it’s got a decent vibe. Proper percussion is a bonus.

I wouldn’t buy it. I’m not THAT stupid. But I don’t hate it.

Jim, you have failed.

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This - it’s not ghastly just all a bit dull and pointless.

Gets better in the second half with some nice deep bass, but it still doesn’t really do anything for me. A decent record for showing off the hi-fi but not something I would choose to listen to.
I like a lot of instrumental stuff but this type of electronica makes no emotional connection with me - it’s not Jim’s fault.:v:

Another hour of my pitiful life wasted.:weary:

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As you very well know, that is the only reason I buy any music :grin:

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You are a pukka experienced audiophile - isn’t there a website for people like you.:wink:

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Interesting submission this. You can’t dance to it (unless you have access to so serious mood enhancers) and I don’t think it is substantial enough to sit and listen to as it lacks variety. I really like the skittery percussion, synclaviers and piano, which for some reason put me in mind of late 1980’s/early 1990s ACR, but without the low end heft necessary to provide any real drive to the music. Technically the musicians are obviously very gifted and it is nicely recorded, but it just doesn’t work that well for me.

Oh dear…“skittery percussion” :weary:

I know, I know…you would prefer a drum solo or two. How else would you describe the beats here (other than rudely or not very danceable)?

And, while you are at it, feck off!

Sums it up for me.

[quote=“htm_1968, post:12, topic:1264”]
I know, I know…you would prefer a drum solo or two. How else would you describe the beats here (other than rudely or not very danceable)?[/quote]

I just happen to like solid drums rather than thin, stuttery, electronic hiccups.

That’s a given :sunglasses:

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Anything with a Fender Rhodes can be all bad in my book. And they do chug into a motorik beat for the last track.

As most other have said, overall it’s all a bit too dull and repetitive. Not enough here for me to make it memorable or make me want to listen again. But I imagine it’s more music for beard-stroking Berliners attending modern art exhibitions. :confused:

Tracks 5 and 9 would be my highlights.

I’ve listened to this three times but it just doesn’t do it for me. It’s well played and recorded but I find my mind wandering after 15 minutes or so. 3/5