AAAC - 22/11/19 - Dead Can Dance - Toward the within

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We also went to the Sisters of Mercy gig that week. I think that was the first time I saw The Smiths. The goths fucking hated them…


Me too. I remember seeing Sisters there nearly every other week. Also Southern Death Cult, New Model Army, The Fall and Xmal Deutshland again and again. Happy Days.

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The Sisters had something in 1983 that they lost when Hussey joined and never got back. They have been unrelentingly shite since 1985 as a live act.

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Sadly like most of the bands I remember from those 83 Ace gigs. Southern Death Cult became the IA ego wagon eventually morphing into The Cult and New Model Army became Justin’s ego. I blame appearances on TOTPs. Pretty much the reason I lost interest in a lot of those bands.

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I also was at the DCD / Xmal Brixton Ace gig.

Small world.

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Dead Can Dance are an excellent band. Some of the music is a bit “Prog” but the songwriting isn’t childish and silly so they don’t count.

For me the Sisters best work was either pre-Hussey (Alice/Reptile House/Temple of Love) or post-Hussey (Floodland).

Floodland has it for me.

Anything after Body and Soul/Body Electric is mainly bollocks, The Gift LP by The Sisterhood is a more cohesive LP than anything the SoM managed IMHO.

I pretended to like SoM to get into a German girl’s unterhosen. We made our own Temple Of Love.



Fair enough.


Yeah she liked them too. The only one I know by them is, ironically, the only one I know by them

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Back in the day it was all the pre-Hussey stuff that did it for me, but today its Reptile House/Gift/Floodland that remain on the rotation

Hated ToL for years due to all the sudo goth dancefloor fighting it generated

Having said that, really enjoyed a load of early Mission gigs whilst I was at Uni, high atop the eskimo pyramids

:grinning: NMA, Mission, were my Uni fodder in 84

Tricky, they didn’t form until 86 :grin:


Historical fact has no place on AA

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My bad

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I really like Dead Can Dance so I’m not really in a position to given this a bad review. I probably would list this towards the weaker end of their output (although it is superior to ‘Anastasis’, ‘Dionysus’ and the awful ‘In Concert’ live LP). The performances are great, particularly ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’ and the production is very good. It is just that by 1993 DCD was a bit past their prime. The subsequent output and live appearances lost some of the power and novelty of earlier times. Having said this, the two shows I saw this year where they a playing a ‘greatest hits’ set were excellent.

So 4/5 from me in absolute terms, but relative to their other output 3.5/5.

I own this on CD, DVD and LP so I won’t be rushing out to buy it.

My two fav LP’s of DCD are “into the labyrinth” and “Spiritchaser”.
I am much less excited about the rest that I have heard.

That said TtW was a totally enjoyable reminder. - It has made me re listen to DCD who I had not listen to for four or five years. Cheers

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