AAAC- 23-05-17 Richard Youngs - Sapphie

30 seconds in and that is just feckin painful !


Wow. I thought, “Well, I love Classical guitar and there are 3 songs over 36 minutes of music. That’s Prog territory. Plenty of time to develop themes and show a variety of techniques.”

Strangely, this didn’t live up to my expectations.

When I think of guitar and singer, I tend to rely on the fact that they can play the guitar and/or sing. This bloke can do neither. This was just a fella sitting in his living room entertaining his drunken mates and somebody says that he should record an album. NO YOU FUCKING SHOULDN’T !!!

I’ve consumed the best part of 15 units of alcohol so far tonight, yet it doesn’t make this any easier to enjoy.

No. Just no.


I’m a rabid Durutti Column fan so if you told me that this was an LP of nicely recorded guitar and appalling singing I would usually be quite interested. Sadly this Youngs bloke can’t play as well as Vini Reilly, but that is not a crime. However, being unable to sing as well as Vini and not appearing to be aware of this is an offence. The bits where he doesn’t sing are a bit repetitive too, if nicely recorded.

This is excruciating. Ordinarily I listen to each AAAC submission twice before posting a review. This is so so bad that (wait for it) I would prefer to listen to Guilt Machine than listen to it again.

Score: Not as good as Guilt Machine/5



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You can get to fuck if you think I’m listening to Guilt Machine ever again.


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Going well so far…


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That’s a cunt Terry…:rolling_eyes:. I’ll try again:


I will openly admit that I listen to some utter shite but even I have standards. Sorry Pete but this is painful. As I listened to it the second time I was hoping that someone would put the singer out of his misery. 1/5


Twice. Wow,…just wow! I am impressed at your capacity to endure.


When I saw the previous posts from the usual piss taking twats on here (you know who you are :laughing:), I thought surely not, Pete usually has impeccable taste…

but WTF, I have to agree with them - it sounds like Richard is in pain…a scalded cat trying to yodel springs to mind…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry Pete but I have to agree with the general consensus. This is so torturous that the CIA could use it instead of water boarding.:disappointed:


Intriguing thread. Made me look forward to a listen after reading it!

First track wasn’t great, the second got better and the third was the best.

It’s very amateurish and quite odd. You can tell he means it. He gets a bit carried away though, doesn’t he? I assume all his own work as a producer would never have allowed such a self-indulgent album.

The third track is lovely.

I reckon ‘intriguing’ sums up this week’s AAC. I will check out some of his other stuff. Quick burst of his 2011 album sounds promising, in a strange and detuned way.

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At last, someone with taste :smile:

I think his user name gives the game away.:stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a really interesting back catalogue. Some lovely songs.