AAAC 23/10/2018 Zimpel/Ziołek - Zimpel/Ziołek

Zimpel/Ziołek are two blokes from Poland. No bonus points for guessing their (sur)names.

It’s a wonderful album. Hypnotic, minimalist, arty, folky, jazzy.

A transcendent 40 minutes for you.


This looks interesting. TIDAL link:

Sounds like it could be worth investing a listen to.

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Tried track 3 (new random testing approach) - liked a lot, chilled and atmospheric which is my kind of electronic music. Will listen to the rest tomorrow.

3/5, a little too jazzy for me, but I enjoyed it.

Didn’t like this at all - sorry.

Hmmm, I thought I had replied to this. I liked it quite a bit. I’m not sure I would buy it but it was interesting and trying to be original without being annoying about it. Sorry about the late posting, one of the better things through the AAAC in a while (which is damning with faint praise, but what can you do…?

I enjoyed this :+1: