AAAC 28 Feb: 'Arthur Verocai' by Arthur Verocai

This is a wind up isn’t it ? Sorry Notty but I totally reject your description of this Album.

A mish mash of bad 70’s TV serial theme tunes and screechy singing with an equally poor, cheesy, repetitive 70’s muzack / lift music backing track.

No coherence to it and nothing stand out at all, althoiugh Track 10 is OK.

As you did say though, the best bit, is that it’s only 29 minutes (too) long.

I do hope I haven’t been too harsh, but not for me.

A bit of a mixed bag this. First, I don’t do vocal jazz. Jazz that I listen to, which has vocals, tends to be chants (or in the case of Return to Forever, that awful Gayle Moran - which in complete merde).

With this in mind, I listened to this slightly cynically. What I found was an album that I couldn’t listen to in itself. However, if I was in my old local La Perla in Fulham and this came on, I would probably love it. This would probably have been after a pitcher of the best Margaritas in London, mind.

So, I guess, it’s really about “the moment”.

More of the Equations stuff and you might be on the right track Noty.

Too much like 70s cheesy easy listening for my tastes. 2/5