AAAC 28th Nov 17: Chvrches - Never Ending Circles

Well the AAAC has been dying on it’s arse lately so like the subordinate male protagonist in countless action movies who disappears half way through the second reel, I have returned to save the day. *

So get your glow-sticks out and try to remember what it felt like to be young and cool (some of you will need very long memories).

*and yes that is nicked from Sheldon Cooper.

No idea how to post Tidal and Spotify links.

Wtf is this? First post in months and it is Chvrches


Welcome back anyway…



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Welcome back Paul.

Good to see you’re alive and well.

Otherwise not

I love Chrvches and Lauren Mayberry is extremely fit.

9 out of 8.

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Sounds interesting, so it has gone on the Christmas list.

They are London Grammar for people not in an assisted living facility.

Still, ‘haters gonna hate’.:roll_eyes:


Welcome back

Reminds me of the Bangles.

Anybody keen on London Grammar needs a quick visit to Exit International. I’m really looking fvrwvrd to fvcking Chvrches nvw. :unamused:

They are nothing like London Grammar or The fucking Bangles.

You lot are mental.


Oh great…:unamused:


You need to realign your Shakti, mate.

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Shame, the Bangles were goodish

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A bit of Belinda Carlisle :innocent:

Depends which bit?

Oh yeah :+1: