AAAC 28th Nov 17: Chvrches - Never Ending Circles


The whiny singy bit


They are, however, pretty similar sounding to Purity Ring.


Very 1980s sounding psudo American.


Does not compute?:thinking:


Welcome back.

Right but this is wank. Why do you bother fucking about with different speakers just to list to this shit. Get to fuck back to Radio fucking 6 :laughing:


I like this and play it fairly regularly. It’s not as good as either London Grammar album and does feel a bit samey after a while but it’s still a solid 4/5.


Like I’ve said, welcome back, but when you leave again, could you take this with you ?

Parts of the music are OK but the vocals are samey to the point of annoyance.


Yeah, the WAC gets a bit of interest on the day and then dies out. Shame. Anyway, I am making an effort this week and playing this.

It sounds speeded up. Like that chipmunks music fad.

It is reasonably catchy, but entirely unremarkable, lightweight, modern, indie, syth pop. Bit dancey. Very little originality.

It’s of a respectable quality so I can see the yoof enjoying this. I find the melodies are too ordinary and bland so I don’t like it.


The feckin’ what???


:anguished: or should that be :tired_face:


PS It’s very hard to find the right emoji on here.


I thought your account had been hacked by Wayne for a moment :wink:


The short review: Arrivederci Paul!

Just listened to this. It was awful. I’m not surprised Paul got the name of the LP wrong, it is actually called Every Open Eye. It is bland, dull, beige, radio friendly, unceasingly awful, duff, FM-tastic, unit-shifting, commoditised, pop-by-numbers.

There is no ear bleach that is sufficiently strong enough to scour the memory of this. I would rather be forced to listen to a Jethro Tull flute extravaganza on repeat.



Drum machine/female vocal meh…:roll_eyes:


Bloody awful, helium tainted squeaky singing voice backed by casio canned music.


On a positive note, a least Paul didn’t nominate the new one from Guilt Machine :scream::scream::scream:


How do you know there is a new one? :smirk:


I scared myself so much at the thought I checked on TIDAL as soon as I had posted about a new GM LP :worried:. Sadly (:lying_face:), it appears that ‘On This Perfect Day’ is remains their only LP.:smiley:

It being extremely proggish stuff, I presume it will take 8-10 years to play/record the tracks for the follow up :smirk:. Mixing the next one will hopefully last another decade or two, by which stage I hope to have turned up my toes. :skull:


Got it for Jim-mas, but the air pump for the terminator has decided to throw a wobbly so this is based on the download with it. And…
it’s quite good really. There is a bit of filler in it (the last track in particular, as if they decided they had to have a slow finisher), and I remain unconvinced about the bloke signing on the one track.

Could have also done with a few more darker contrasting tracks like Bury You, but otherwise very much acceptable.