AAAC 3-6-17: irma thomas 'wish someone would care'

Sentimental choice rather than anything intended to be impressive or cool.

If you don’t like it as much as me, then tough. If you’re Terry, then tough. If you don’t like soul then have a word with yerself.

Some of you may know the excellent version of ‘Time is on my side’ on this album which for my money blows the Stones out the water.

For me the song that always gets me is ‘I need your love so bad’ which is a Little Willie John cover. The whole album is one that I will tend to enjoy best late at night, with the lights down, and a large smooth glass of cognac.

(If anyone has a copy of this on vinyl they don’t want, especially the stereo version then please let me know!)


Ah, soul…


Nice record, very enjoyable. Out of interest Wayne, why do you want the stereo album? The stereo mix on Tidal is rudimentary at best. Mono might be best in this case, no?

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You may have a point here as Imperial records were sold to Liberty in 64. At the point of sale many of the imperial roster were ‘let go’ and new artists like Irma were brought on. The reason this has any bearing is that it may be possible the ‘Stereo’ issue is folded / Re-channeled / fake stereo. I do not know the answer here but with fake stereo one channel will sound bright and the other very dull. (Off to one side)

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Didn’t know this, really enjoyed but to be fair this sort of thing never fails for me. Defo a late night early morning spinner.

Not bad. I’m not a huge fan of this kind of thing. I listened to it in mono second time around which I found much more satisfying than the hard panned stereo on the TIDAL version.

3/5 but I really can’t see myself buying it…

I like it a lot. I think it could be played quite a bit here.

Another one that gets a lot of plays by me was a Sam Cooke album on the WAC.

I think that was my last wac, Sam Cooke night beat.


Lovely slice of 60s soul music. Not an artist I’m really familiar with but she has a fabulous voice. 4/5

That’s the shame of it, she had plenty of talent but the record company just didn’t promote her material as much as other artists.