AAAC-Sign up here

OK, Terry has flounced so I am going to organise the AAAC. Lets try to get submissions posted on a Friday so that the hatred/ripping of a new one can occur over the weekend. Date of submission to be the following Tuesday. A familiar format might help so if you can be arsed please set your submission up as follows:

Title: - AAAC Tues Date, Month, Artist - Album (post thread Friday before)


  • Album Cover

  • Text (Why you have chosen this masterpiece)

  • Spotify, TIDAL, YouTube or Deezer link

We’ve got an AAAC for this week so I’ll kick things off for November 1st with something completely excellent. In the meantime, send me a PM or post in the thread if you like your taste in music to be verbally abused by sundry miscreants and/or the hard of hearing.


I’m in, if I can post decades long, blowing smoke up ones own ring piece wanky prog

Is there any other type of prog? You are the proud owner of the Nov 8th slot.

WoW, a Nov 8th slot all of my own; I’ve also wanted my very own Nov 8th slot !

I just got my first like :slight_smile:

This is an absolutely splendid new site

Sorry, that was a mistake. I have taken it back again.

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Can I join :+1:

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Yes please.

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OK, I’ll see how many more I can annoy with another choice

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Put me on the list. I have some great variety lined up.

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Yes please. U noes u want more Babymetal. Or I could just dispense with the music altogether and post a load of pictures.


Rota updated. Try to remember you are on it and what your new alias if you herd of spunktruffles.

On the dry, maybe. But clearly not quite weaned off the ketamine.

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Ketamine? Pfffft. For wimps. Try Glivec, that’ll really sort you out.

I had to Google that.

Glivec, AKA Imatinib, Egyptian god of gimp masks.

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Aye, the Egyptian God of making you less yellow.

Can you give me it back again now please ?

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No, I gave you a different one instead.

Should just make it compulsory for everyone. But yeah, add me :blush:

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