AAAC-Sign up here


Yes please


Go on then Olan, I’ve resisted so far, but as we’re getting near the end of the list, I’ll stick my head in the noose :grinning:


Ooooh good. I promise I’ll be gentle Jim :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ha, a likely story - you feckin reamed me last time! :laughing:


Bollocks!! AAAC has been running smoothly for a while (although this week’s jazz-tinged submission may be a change) without much need for me to do anything. Thanks Jim, I’ll add you to the list once I can be arsed to do anything other than listen to records…


I think I missed mine. Strange, no one alerted me :stuck_out_tongue:


I should think not too after your last few goes at the WAC or AAAC V1.0





Anybody else want to sign up?? The situation is desperate! We will really, really need some new volunteers (not victims, or lambs to the slaughter, but volunteers). The absence of newbies means the rest of us will have to face the sheer horror of @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi having another go before too long. On the upside, you will also get another one of my reference grade recommendations pretty soon so that will be nice.

And feck off if you think fixting this to weapons grade recommendations might be funny…


I realise I didn’t sign up for this second run through, so count me in.


More than happy to inflict some Belgian nosebleed techno on people if you’re struggling for volunteers.


Thanks Jon. All we need is 30 or 40 more to fend off Terry.


I can always reduce your trust level back again :unamused:


Not sure if it is quite that serious yet.



Can you give me an estimate of how serious it is please?

Say, on a scale of Babymetal to Mastodon.


We haven’t had to issue a Trump alert but there is a worrying looking outbreak of Ian Duncan Smith on the horizon.


I can do another if you like. My last one was popular, unusually.

Maybe we should have a system whereby those that come up with popular ones get another chance?


Or maybe not :unamused:


I’d be fucked then…:smirk:


The rise of populism in the abattoir :joy: