AAAC-Sign up here


Shurrup! This is the bestest AAAC ever. You’re fired and my hair is really, really real.





:relaxed: <- no longer accurate. I am now mostly pinkish


We’ll see :relieved:


Happy to have a go.


Not on the first date you won’t. I am far too modest and nicely brought up, unless pissed as a newt.


Shouldn’t be too hard to achieve :sunglasses:


I shall stand well upwind of the barman’s apron just in case.


Stick me on the list please Olan.


I’ll do it tomorrow when I get home Nick. I can’t edit the list at the moment :roll_eyes:.


OK, we are coming to the end of the rota. After Jon there are two further slots before the rota needs a refresh.

Anyone who would like to have a go/be humiliated and taunted/annoy Terry please PM me or post in the AAAC sign up thread. We’ve had a number of new members so there might be some out there who want to contribute.

I’ll go through the first AAAC when everyone has had a go and repost with links to the original submissions.

The second rota will emerge in the next week or so.


Does that mean that the regulars need to reapply ?


Nope, I’ll simply restart again after @Myrman has had a go on April 11th. That means it is me on April 18th which means I’ll be providing tunes for your Easter entertainment…:thinking:



I didn’t get a go. What sort of organisation is this?


I think I’m working :unamused:


While I am not a regular, do you want an interlude with some moderately obscure classical?


Yes you did. You were on the rota on March 7th. I was in hospital for a partial disembowelment so you didn’t get a reminder. I’ll point you to the top of the rota to the warning about not getting reminders and put you down for providing the Easter tunes you slack twat.



I’ll pop you down on the rota too. Thanks!


Where’s the rota? I can’t find it.


I’ve bumped it for you. It is hard to find as it is called AAAC Rota and is in the Music Category.